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VOC Project namespace ongoing en WIP


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Internal URI: https://ontome.net/ns/voc-project-namespace

Project of belonging: VOC

This namespace is ongoing and can be modified at any time. It is not advisable to use its classes and properties.

Namespaces to which this ongoing namespace refers

Maritime history ongoing


Label Language Last updated
VOC Project namespace ongoing * en 2021-04-28

* : Standard label for this language


Root namespace: VOC Project namespace

Root namespace prefix: voc


Identifier Class Last updated Validation status
A2 Departing 2021-06-10 Candidate
A1 Arriving 2021-06-10 Candidate
C11 Testing Class 2021-06-10 Candidate


Domain Identifier Property Range Last updated Validation status
Event – E5 P1 is part of (was part of) Event – E5 2021-06-10 Candidate
Testing Class – C11 P12 ALabelofSomething (isLabelofSomething) Identifier – E42 2021-06-10 Candidate


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Source Relation Target Last updated Type
Testing Class – C11 rdfs:subClassOf Data Transfer Event – D12 2021-06-10 ClassesRelation-HierarchyAssociation
Arriving – A1 rdfs:subClassOf Event – E5 2021-06-10 ClassesRelation-HierarchyAssociation
Departing – A2 rdfs:subClassOf Event – E5 2021-06-10 ClassesRelation-HierarchyAssociation


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