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Scope note


This class models phenomena in time and space that involve one or more persitent items and are conceptualized as homeomeric units that unfold over a period of time: their temporal parts are described, in the intension of the class, by the very expression used for the whole event. E.g. a part of an interaction of persons is also an interaction between these persons, and a portion of a travel is also travelling. In the unfolding of time, there can be moments where the phenomena are not actual, but the intended identity of the phenomenon does not change during its whole existence, like a more or less active interaction between persons or the stopping and resting during a trip. This class is inspired by the DOLCE definition of stative perdurants but adapted to the context of the CIDOC CRM and SDHSS, and therefore modelled as a coherent set of spatio-temporal events. This means that a phase can consist of different unitary events, activities or sub-phases (crm:P9 consists of), all of them being components of the intended phase.

This class is disjoint with the Activity – E7 class, which focus is on specific intentional activities generally transforming things, the Beginning of Existence – E63 or End of Existence – E64 classes which express the beginning or ending of life of a persistent item, and the sdh:C33 Unitary Event class, that models unity of action, time and place. Often, but not always, a phase is related to the notion of process or development while a unitary event is related to the notion of achievement or fulfillment.