Example for the property should carry (should be carried by) – CLR6  Back




The publication, dated 1972, entitled ‘The complete poems of Stephen Crane, edited with an introduction by Joseph Katz’ (ISBN ‘0-8014-9130-4’) (F3) CLR6 should carry the overall content of the book identified by ISBN ‘0-8014-9130-4’, i.e.: the text of Stephen Crane’s complete poems as edited by Joseph Katz, the numbering system introduced by Joseph Katz in order to identify each individual poem by Stephen Crane, page numbers, the text of Joseph Katz’s dedication, preface, acknowledgements, and introduction, the table of contents, the index of first lines, the statements found on title page, back of title page (including CIP bibliographic record), cover front, back front, and spine, and the layout of the publication, and the occasional statement ‘[NO STANZA BREAK]’ (F24)