OntoME sandbox project

OntoME sandbox project


A comment... A comment...A comment...A comment...A comment...A comment... c'est beaucoup... c'est très beau, surtout le vert


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A comment... A comment...A comment...A comment...A comment...A comment... c'est beaucoup... c'est très beau, surtout le vert en


Start date: 2019-12-11


Label Language Last updated
OntoME sandbox project * en 2023-09-18
SandBox-Test-LabInVirtuo en 2023-09-18
Un autre test en 2023-09-18

* : Standard label for this language


OntoME sandbox project is a master project and has no subproject.

Root namespace

This project manages the OntoME sandbox namespace namespace.

Versions of this namespace

Namespace Last updated
OntoME sandbox Test namespace ongoing 2019-12-11

Profiles owned by this project

Profile Creation date
OntoME sandbox profile 2021-09-28
Sand-box-LabInVirtuo 2022-01-13

Profiles used by this project

Profile Version Status Creation date API
Biographical basics and family 1 Ongoing 2019-11-04 JSON Classes   JSON Properties
Sand-box-LabInVirtuo ongoing 1 Ongoing 2022-01-13 JSON Classes   JSON Properties

Thesaurus list

There is currently no controlled vocabulary linked to this project.

Members of the project

Name Institution Role
Henri Chamoux École normale supérieure de Lyon Administrator
Sylvain Besson Université Lyon 2 Administrator
Rainer Simon Austrian Institute of Technology Administrator
Francesco Mambrini Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore Administrator
Nathalie Prevot Ausonius Administrator
Catherine Bouras École française d’Athènes Administrator
Shawn Murphy Nooron Collaboratory Inc Administrator
Tom Gheldof KU Leuven Administrator
Vincent Alamercery École normale supérieure de Lyon Administrator
Carmen Brando EHESS Paris Administrator
Emmanuelle Perrin Archéorient CNRS Administrator
Francesco Beretta CNRS Member
Pierre Vernus LARHRA - Université Lyon 2 Member
Bernard Hours LARHRA Administrator
Jean Pierre Girard Archéorient UMR 5133 Administrator
Sofiane Bouzid CNRS Administrator
Marie-Odile Rousset MOM Administrator
Alain Marois Larhra - Ciham / Lyon 2 Administrator
Djamel Ferhod CNRS Administrator
Jean-Baptiste Pressac Centre de recherche bretonne et celtique Administrator
Christine Plumejeaud CNRS Administrator
Francois Mistral ABES Administrator
Morgane Pica ENS Lyon Administrator
Sylvain Laubé Centre F.Viète/UBO ; CERV Administrator
Marina Gasnier UTBM Administrator
Isabelle Astic musée des Arts et Métiers/Le Cnam Administrator
Matthieu Quantin LS2N - CFV Administrator
Marie-Morgane ABIVEN ENIB Administrator
Romain BIANNIC ENIB Administrator
François Caillibot UBO Administrator
Stephen Hart Université de Bern Administrator